BookHive offers online focus group research for authors who want to test Fiction, Middle Grade/YA and Memoir manuscripts in target markets.

Both quantitative and qualitative online research are conducted via carefully selected members of the targeted readership. Beta Readers review manuscripts and give honest feedback. Results are available to the author to provide useful information for editing the book. Favorable test results can be a powerful tool for promoting the book to agents and publishers–as well as the general public, if self publishing is contemplated.

Jennifer Bowen


Jennifer Bowen BookHive

Jennifer Bowen hails from a family business of research and has always considered it valuable. After working on her first YA book, she yearned for feedback from teenage readers, and the idea for BookHive and an organized beta reader process was born. As QueenBee of BookHive (more fun than CEO) she has attended the San Francisco Writers Conference, the Boston Book Fair, and The New York Self-Publishing Conference. BookHive was also selected to attend Startup Alley at the Book Expo of America in 2015, as “One of Twenty Startups to Watch.” 

After graduating from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, she pursued acting for ten years. During that span she did theater in New York, a little film/TV, and sold various products via the TV commercial!  She then refocused on writing. Her plays include the solo show Burning Down to Heaven about the poet Anne Sexton (The Marsh Theater and Venue 9 in San Francisco;  Women’s Center Stage/Culture Project in NYC),  full length plays Happiest Place on Earth (The Lark, Workshop/Reading In Violet Theater Company 2012, Trustus Playwrights Festival Finalist 2012) and in development The Little Prince$$ (Workshop Production InViolet Theater Company 2014) and Ruin (Kitchen Dog Theater Finalist 2014, Trustus Playwrights Festival Finalist 2014.) Her films include the independently produced full length Sad Sack Sally and the short films The Silent Treatment (48 Hour Philadelphia Film Festival 2012 winner), and I (Eggs) You (Designer Vision/48 Hour Film Project Invitational.) Jennifer is a proud member of the InViolet Theater Company.

Her greatest creative influences have been her home town of Half Moon Bay, CA, the television show Twin Peaks and the writing of Jack Kerouac, Jane Austen, Maggie Stiefvater, Joyce Carol Oates and Marguerite Duras. She lives in New York with her husband Garrett who’s her faithful first reader.

She can be reached at:
(p) 646.633.7241