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Self-publishing is becoming an increasingly popular way get your book out there. But, once it is out there, how do you get people to actually buy and read it? How do you get them to take notice? With self-publishing, also comes self-marketing. Here are some of the ways that you can market yourself and your works to the general public.

Create a Website:

Perhaps the single most important thing you can do is to create a website for your book. You could pay someone to create a website for you, but there are many easy-to-use website builders out there, such as:,,, WordPress, Blogspot, and more. You could even make a customized page on

Regardless of what domain you choose, the site should serve as a hub for any and all information that your readers may need about your book. It should include: a landing home page, an about the author page, a page where they can buy the book or be linked to the marketplace where the book is being sold, a page with a summary of the book, and any reviews you have to quote. Make sure to also include a picture of the book and links to any relevant social media accounts.

Broadcast on Social Media:

Speaking of social media, set up professional social media accounts (if you don’t already have them) and post all day and every day about your book. Don’t wait until its published; start early so you can drum up a buzz about the project ahead of time.

Try to make your posts look professional but don’t sound like a robot. Post photos! Pictures make people form attachments. Don’t be afraid to interact with your followers. Ultimately, you want people to be excited enough to share your posts and tell their friends and online followers too.

If you are willing to pay for it, you can even set up your own advertisements to run on those sites. Its really easy to “boost” a post on Facebook.

Make a Book Trailer:

If you know how to edit video, posting a book trailer to your website and social media accounts can be a great way to get people interested. Videos are catchy and easily shareable.

For more information on how to make the perfect book trailer, check out our earlier blog on the subject: Click Here!

Throw a Launch Party:

One way to get your book into the hands of your readers is to hand it to them directly. Invite your readers, and potential reviewers, to a launch party. If you have a physical printed copy of your book you can give them a copy. If you do not, instead, consider a digital download code.

In today’s modern digital world, you could even set up a virtual book launch party in a chatroom or a Google Hangout group session online.

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Pay Someone Else:

Lastly, you could always pay someone else to market for you. There is no shame in leaving it to the professionals. In fact, many self-publishing websites offer a marketing service for an additional fee. Check out the service you are using to see if they have this option. If they don’t, try looking for a freelancer.

Which ever paths you choose to take, good luck!


Written by Kim Batchelor

Kim Batchelor is a recent graduate of University of Michigan and avid consumer of media. She is the Buzz Manager at BookHive and is working on creating her own blog.

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