Recently in Washington, DC I stumbled upon a small shelf of books up for borrow. It was part of a project aptly titled Little Free Library, and its goal is to supply people all over with these tiny and spontaneous literary outlets.

Pop-up Libraries!

One of the most exciting parts of Little Free Library is that anyone can register to build one and join this community. The idea is that someone could pick up a book at your little library, and drop it off at another one when they finish, a sort of pollination of libraries, if you will. I am constantly lending people books that I think they’d love, which usually turns into gifting them the books. I think of this as the opportunity for a perpetual book exchange, aka the crown jewel that any community needs. There’s also a handy map : where you can track the nearest Little Free Library to you and register your own once you build it. Essentially, this is super easy and fun and exciting and I cannot think of a singly excuse to not check it out. You can become your own version of Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, but with books! And you will actually exist!

Pop-up Libraries

So how do I become the literary Santa Claus, you ask?

Well, if you look on the website, you will see that you can purchase pre-made Little Libraries for…well, for more than the average starving artist can spend, that’s for sure. But fret not, you can also BUILD your own and register them- cost efficient, fun, and rewarding. (And if you’re scrambling for Valentine‚Äôs plans, building a bookcase is super romantic or something, right?)

Regardless, I was super excited to find out that these exist and would love to see more of them in my communities. Imagine finishing a book mid-travel, dropping it off at the closest Little Library and picking up another to finish the trip. A system of book sharing around the country (or world) might sound fantastic, but in a time where we could all use a little more love and community, it might not be crazy to try.

The Little Free Library

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