Despite the large steps that have been taken towards equality in the last few years, the LGBTQIA+ market is still considered a niche one in the world of literature. Often taking up only a small section of the bookstore, books in the LGTBQIA+ genre don’t often get a fair share of attention. But beyond that, it can even be difficult to get an LGTBQIA+ book published to begin with. Luckily, some publishers have stepped up to fill this gap. Here is a look at just some of the publishing options for LGTBQIA+ literature, whether you are looking to publish or just looking for a good read.

Less Than Three:

Less Than Three Press

A distributor of both print and ebooks, Less Than Three Press describes themselves as being “found wherever romance writers linger.” This site is focused on LGTBQIA+ romances, especially those that end in a happy ending. In fact, they only accept happy endings. They also do not publish Young Adult (YA) literature or poetry.

Search the site by identity or by print type. They have ebooks, paperbacks, audiobooks, comics, and French and Spanish titles. Something to note is that Less Than Three Press does not require first publication rights. If your publication rights have been returned to you you are eligible to submit to them.

Lethe Press:

The five times winner of the Lambda Literary Award for the LGBT Speculative Fiction category. Named after the Greek river of memory and forgetfulness, Lethe Press is “devoted to ideas that are often neglected or forgotten by mainstream publishers.” This publisher has a much wider collection of genres including horror, mythology, and poetry.

You can purchase their titles directly from their site or follow their links to support local or gay bookstores. If you would like to submit a manuscript to Lethe Press, keep in mind that they prefer manuscripts that are 45,000 words to 135,000 words

Bold Strokes Books:

Bold Strokes has many, many titles available at reasonable prices and most of their books come in ebook and paperback form. This publisher also has a focus on Lesbian fiction which is notable, seeing as it gets its own special category separate from the other “GBT” fiction.

Bold Strokes promises that each manuscript is individually evaluated for style, genre requirements, content, and more, in order to make sure that the work is the strongest it can be. They will also provide social media promotion and their books are shipped to bookstores worldwide.

Riptide Publishing:

Launched in 2011, Riptide Publishing is dedicated to a more personal relationship between author and publisher. They promise that they have no quotas and instead treat each author and each work with care. Originally an invitation-only press, they have now opened up their submissions box. And, you do not need an agent to submit to them. Their main branch has a focus on romance and erotica genres, while their imprints are focused on YA, literary fiction, and upmarket fiction.

Interlude Press:

Interlude Press

Interlude Press is an LGTBQIA+ publisher which was originally inspired by fanfiction authors their works. A labor of love, Interlude is “dedicated to publishing exceptional content, promoting talented authors of fan works to a broader audience, and developing a reader-author community modeled after the best of online fan culture.” This connection to the world of fan works makes this publisher particularly friendly to younger/newer authors who may already have experience with the world of fanfiction. You do, however, still have to come up with an original novel and change all trademarked material if you are submitting a modified fan work. But, hopefully that would be obvious.

Both print and ebooks are available on their site. They also have wholesale options available for retailers and libraries.

If you want to learn about more LGTBQIA+ literary resources, there is also a site called Lambda Literary which has a list of LGTBQIA+ friendly publishers and booksellers which is a valuable resource.

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Kim Batchelor

Kim Batchelor is a recent graduate of University of Michigan and avid consumer of media. She is the Buzz Manager at BookHive and is working on creating her own blog.


Written by Kim Batchelor

Kim Batchelor is a recent graduate of University of Michigan and avid consumer of media. She is the Buzz Manager at BookHive and is working on creating her own blog.

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