How does BookHive find their Test Readers?

We find our Test Readers through book fairs, online ads, social media, writers groups, and word of mouth.


How does BookHive select Test Readers for an individual project? 

Within the specific test market that the author chooses, BookHive targets the best selction of Test Readers for that particular manuscript. Whether that test market is more urban or suburban, clustered in one age range or evenly spread out,  BookHive captures the best compilation of Test Readers for the most positive outcome.


How will my manuscript be protected if I test it through BookHive? Do I need to get it copyrighted?

It’s BookHive’s understanding that the author owns the copyright, just by having written the manuscript (which you can prove from earlier drafts, etc.) If you’re concerned, you can register the copyright online ( And, as always, check with an attorney if still unsure.


Will working with BookHive be an awesome experience?

We’d say yes, and, yes.